Major Changes in Store!

So I’ve had this post brewing in my feverish little head for a while now, basically since the epic disaster that was my holiday season. I’ve reached a point where I feel hopelessly divided, and I need to take a deep breath, and a giant step back, and reassess the situation.

Balance the situation. That’s my word for 2014, as requested by Mack, in case you were wondering.

So in my typical scatter-tastic, roundabout way… I’m having a professional identity crisis.

Here is a conversation I had this morning with my mother via text message:

Me: I just can’t even verbalize how I’m feeling about Enchanting Details. It’s a feeling that I want to puke/cry and I have a giant knot in my stomach. Dramatic, I know. WHY did I ever think it was a good idea to have two blogs/businesses?

Mom: If it is making you physically sick then it is time to try something different!

As always, Mom knows best. It IS time to try something different. Logically, I knew this. But to hear her say it, the solution became very clear. But first, I feel like I should clarify.

Enchanting sunshine-4

I LOVE planning parties, and have done so under the name Enchanting Details since 2009. I get a huge rush out of the feeling of seeing a party jump from my imagination to reality. Sometimes they turn out even better than I imagined!  However, it became obvious to me pretty quickly that I couldn’t just keep spending the money to plan parties. So I opened a shop, which evolved into a Printables shop.  At first it was all positive- I had really wonderful and creative customers, some kind competitors who complimented my new shop and welcomed me to the world of parties(and kept it all classy!), and I felt the rush of success as my shop grew. Gradually however, I found myself dealing with a lot of things I never bargained for- unreasonable customers, catty competitors, and and overwhelming sense of inadequacy.  As the bad started to outweigh the good, I grew jaded, and finally burnt out. If I had to pinpoint this, I would say it was sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving of this year, when sales started to decline a bit- which I have found to be a normal part of that time of year. Even though it wasn’t unexpected, it was made worse by the fact that the sales I did have seemed to turn into customers with issues, which are normally easily solved (and, ahem, probably already answered in the listing or instructions), but it just seemed like too much to handle. I was deriving absolutely no happiness from a business that I had worked so hard to build. I thought about a customer service rep, but frankly, the business was not making enough money at that point to consider hiring one (although that is still definitely a goal of mine- as much as I love design, and the happy people, I have little to no patience for the rude people. It upsets me for days.).

On the blog end of things, I did add my two wonderful blogging contributors, Michelle and Amy, who have provided me with some wonderful posts and recipes. However, quite frankly, it is not fair to them for me to ask them to keep my blog afloat. They should be contributors- as in supplemental writers to my posts… except, my posts haven’t happened, no matter what my intentions. They have been the only ones posting, for the most part. And that’s completely unfair.

There was also the inadequacy aspect to it. Many party planners/designers I have come across are great artists, and create amazing things, and have TONS of themes. This is definitely a “Me” problem. I work a little more slowly, as I am a one-lady operation. I’ve hand-designed my handful of themes personally, answered every email personally, and handled every “crisis” myself. And sometimes, unfortunately, after handling the business aspect of things there’s nothing left over for designing and set-ups. I sometimes feel hopeless when I watch these fabulous party designers crank out these amazing parties, recipes and crafts day after day. I frankly don’t have the time or inclination to come up with a party-related post daily. My life, at this point, is as a mother and homemaker. While I love all things party, it is not my whole life, but in actuality a sometimes lucrative hobby. I feel uncomfortable to call myself a “party blogger”, because, well… I have never party-blogged consistently!

Enchanting Paris-17

You may have guessed by now where this is going…

I have decided, at this point, to merge my blogs, Facebooks, mailing lists, etc. It will all be under the name “Everyday Enchanting”. There is a whole lot less content on Enchanting Details, and I have to acknowledge to myself that I have found my voice in home blogging. I can think of things to write, almost daily. I have felt very welcomed in the home blogging community, and made connections that I never did in the party blog world. Previous hiatuses have been self-imposed to try to figure out what the heck to do with Enchanting Details. Here’s my answer: it will still be “Enchanting Details” and it will operate under that name, but it will become incorporated into Everyday Enchanting, as it’s own page and category. I don’t plan to “scale back”, because I haven’t been doing much with it. What I am going to do is reassess my goals and the pace I try to set for myself. I will actually probably end up posting more that’s party-related, since it will add a new addition to this blog that I’m really excited to explore!


As far as the party shop goes, it will remain as is. I will still release new themes, but the “new theme each week” pace I tried to set back in July and August is completely unrealistic. It was all I could do. The house was a mess, my children weren’t getting my attention… it was a disaster. I am not going to even set a timeline to it- I just want to have themes for each holiday, and to design new ones I feel passionate about. I’m going to try to conquer my frustrations about the customer service operations until such a happy time comes when I can hand over those duties and focus soley on the artistic aspect of it all.

So within the coming days, I will be making the transition. You will notice things merging and morphing. For readers of Everyday Enchanting, you will notice the addition of entertaining and party related posts: set ups, crafts, recipes, and my portfolio. For readers of Enchanting Details, you will see many more posts in general, mostly related to home decor, DIY projects, and organizing- with a dose of party thrown in, especially around the holidays. Of course, free printables relating to things both home and party will continue! So that’s a win win!

I feel very positive and excited about merging my double life, and I can’t wait to see what this year brings!