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It’s that time of year! I have been seeing more and more engagement announcements popping up on my Facebook news feed lately. I know there are a lot of excited brides out there who are beginning to finalize plans for their weddings this spring and summer!

At this point in my life I have been to many weddings, and have even been in a few. One common trend- all of the weddings I have attended and helped plan have had special DIY touches that made the event uniquely theirs! Here are a few of my favorites:

My Wedding

We are quickly approaching our fifth wedding anniversary. It has gone by so fast! I got married before Pinterest existed, so I have to admit to an occasional twinge of crafting envy when I see all of the DIY wedding ideas floating around now. I didn’t take as much of a DIY approach as I wish I had, so there isn’t much to share (which is why I placed it at the top of the list). I had a lot of ideas, but opted to have my vendors take care of things. It’s always great to have people help when you don’t think you can handle it all- but in retrospect I wish I had tackled more of the projects myself. I know now that I could have done so successfully. In truth, since I chose fairly easy flowers to style, hydrangeas and roses, I could have easily bought the flowers myself and tackled the arrangements on my own (and I have for weddings and events since).

I loved these pomanders, and they came out truly beautiful. However, in retrospect, they are not much different in concept than my tissue paper pomanders that I often make for events.


You can see my tutorial here for working with tissue paper flowers. The example in the tutorial is a wreath, but it is the same method to attach the rosettes to a foam sphere.  If you choose to create these for an event, start pretty far in advance- they are time consuming!

If I had DIYed these, I could have afforded WAY more than the two that I had at my ceremony :)


My best friend Ashley got married about a year-and-a-half ago, and she had a completely DIY event on the beach at the lake. Unfortunately, unforeseen hurricane strength winds transported the event into my father-in-law’s garage after one of the tents blew over (no one was hurt, luckily!). Ashley was a super laid-back bride (way more than I would have been!!)and rolled with things, and ended up having a great time!

Her wedding had a lot of DIY details that I loved:

Amy Brown Photography

One of my favorite things was her mismatched china and silverware, which she picked up from local thrift and antique shops. It created the perfect touch of whimsical charm!

She also used colorful painted furniture for display tables, which I thought added to the fun aspect of the decor. Ashley’s mother-in-law and some friends created the floral arrangements. A special touch was that each bridesmaid had our own bouquet color, which created a rainbow effect. Ashley is not a match-y match-y type of girl, and I think the casual and fun decor was a perfect representation of her taste.


Amy Brown Photography

Ashley’s Dad made all of the rustic picnic tables by hand as a wedding gift over the course of a few months before her wedding. With over 100 guests, it was a perfect solution for seating. If you know or are a handy guy or gal, Ana White has some awesome plans here for DIY picnic tables. It can actually work out to be cheaper- and is definitely prettier!- than renting folding tables and chairs.  Some people even got to keep one- what a wedding favor!

Amy Brown Photography

I created the sign tree using pieces of pallet wood, and simply painted the wording by hand. I also created the little favor tags, with a tag punch and stamp.  The chalk board was created from some scraps I had left over, and chalk paint on plywood. We didn’t actually have an initial plan for it, and I created the little set-up above minutes before the first guests arrived. That is actually my bedside table it is sitting on (the ceremony was held in front of Mack’s family’s Camp- a.k.a. Where We Disappear to in the Summer).


Awww, isn’t he handsome :) I couldn’t resist including this photo-that’s my oldest baby, and the ring bearer of the event, Logan- decked out in Crewcuts. He insisted on the orange bow tie (his favorite color), which worked out perfectly, because Ashley loved it. When I am not DIYing, I also love to support fellow Etsy sellers whenever possible, so I purchased it here.

The classic silky ring bearer’s pillow wasn’t really Ashley’s thing, so I sewed the little ring bearer pillow above from burlap and stuffed it with batting. The flower was a clip intended to make a little girl’s headband, and it served double duty as both a decoration and to hold the twine and faux rings in place.


My aunt Christina, who got married last summer, had a family wedding in my Uncle’s backyard. These outdoor weddings are always nerve-wracking, because of the variable weather. The sky opened up and it poured immediately after Mack and I said our vows (which was actually kind of cool and movie-like, even though it ruined our planned sunset cocktail reception). Ashley had an un-forecasted ridiculously bad storm. Christina, on the other hand, had perfect weather- although it was hot out!

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 2.17.04 PMScreen Shot 2014-01-31 at 2.18.51 PM

Page Photography

This was the first wedding I ever arranged flowers for (although I had previously created arrangements for other events). Ashley was actually my major helper for that project, and the bouquets were a result of our combined effort. Because of the heat, the hydrangeas began to wilt at an alarming rate, so I definitely recommend storing the flowers in air conditioning or another cool space (basement, etc.) if you are doing your own flowers and also having a summer wedding. Even though I had to pick a lot of wilted flowers out of the arrangements the morning of the event, I still think that the flowers looked very pretty, and the savings were astronomical. We ordered the flowers here.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 2.16.35 PM

Page Photography

I created the sign for the Wish Bowl in Adobe Illustrator, and printed it off onto textured card stock. I also created the tags for the little jars, which were an idea Christina borrowed from the bridal shower I threw for Ashley the year before (Which is an event I will share another day, since it got erased in the Great Blog Crash of 2012).

I actually began Enchanting Details as a wedding planning company, so it’s fun every once in a while to go back to my “roots”. So if you’re wondering if I’ve had another “crisis” and will now be a wedding blogger, the answer is no! We will be back to our regularly scheduled home renovation blogging in the next post. But I will occasionally share fun wedding related posts here in the Enchanting Details section in the future and I have a crazy backlog of events I’ve yet to share, so stay tuned :)

A special thank you to the following NH wedding photographers for allowing me to use their photos for this post!

Ashley’s Wedding: Amy of Amy Brown Photography

Christina’s Wedding: Caitlin of Page Photography

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